The ECHR Story

In 2002, we opened the WCHR.

As you may or may not know, our sister report is the WCHR, the most widely read report in California, endorsed by Jon White, Steve Davidowitz, and others.

On June 28th,2012, the ECHR opened, and the response has been amazing!

The report comes out the night before the races.

It's written in the same format as the WCHR, which is known for DOUBLE DIGIT WINNERS and FIRST TIMERS, and the ECHR is following suit.

The ECHR does NOT use workout reports, Beyers, or any sort of "figures" or "ratings"!

Rob Henie writes BOTH the WCHR and ECHR, working endlessly for our valued Members, to create the best handicapping reports in the country. 

The ECHR is not your typical report!  We hope you'll consider Membership to the ECHR, WCHR, or both, welcome to the ECHR family, and if you HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, YOU CAN EMAIL TO THIS ADDRESS!